Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eric Kayser's Matcha Tarts Round 2!

Eric Kayers Matcha Financiers went over soooo well with colleagues that I've had a few asking me for more. So instead of experimenting with what's already a good recipe, I decided to just try out variations of different moulds.

I have a friend who tells me that she is immensely jealous of the baking pans, tins, cutters, etc. Yay!

Something about Matcha anything always gives me the zen feel even though Financiers contain a substantial amount of Butter and whites.

I love the leaf veins seen above.

An experiment went awry. Matcha Financier-Muffins with baked raspberries. The tart raspberry tartness just about did me in.

The big round one resembles so much like a 大饼 Da Bing
(sorta like a big cookie, chinese style)
The limit to my 'creativity'.
I didn't find that many moulds to have fun with.

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