Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Month of Celebrations

Have been a little busy this month even though I told myself I would like to bake and decorate a little cake for myself as a mark of wanting to celebrate a birthday alone. Ok... so I was inspired by Obachan's blog and truthfully? A tad curious of how it would feel, celebrating by myself for myself.

I know that no matter how I articulate this, it would sound sad but it really isn't! I take the stance that instead of turning up to celebrate a good friend's birthday, I would be turning up to celebrate for myself.

I have had previous occasions where I just want to crawl into bed and pray that the day goes away for fear of aging, fear of embarrassing Happy Birthday serenades, fear of saying Thank You and having to look surprised at receiving and dusting yet another gift on the shelf, fear that friends get into arguments and develop bad vibes over how to celebrate my birthday, etc..

I didn't manage to celebrate it alone this year but I hold myself to the promise that I will bake a belated birthday cake for myself soon enough.

However, I did manage to remember to bring a camera for one of the birthday celebrations held in my honour. This was something that is just up my alley... a home cooked meal in a home. Good company, good conversations, good laughs. What can I say? I am aging and I relish in peaceful non-embarrasing celebrations. Heck! I even got my desired gift... silicon bakeware! Woot! I ADORE getting what I asked for. Surprises have never really worked for me. Maybe it is the control freak in me.

Anyway... this photo may not say much but it will be a memory I will cherish. The thought that everyone made an effort to get together, and make me feel special. Now if I can only bring myself to remember everyone ELSE's birthday... I would be on my way to groovy street of showing everyone how I appreciate them =P

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