Monday, May 01, 2006

Aussie Nougat

A friend of mine, at my beheist, brought back an unusual form of Nougat from Australia. Ok, it was more of my physical threats that he bought these for me.

The story of how I got these Nougat is kinda strange. One day, whilst chatting over the internet, this friend of mine told me to start writing down certain words. After the fourth word in one week, I had to be bribed to continue doing so without a reason. I accepted the bribe for the heck of it.

After which, it turns out these 12 words he gave me were questions to a pop quiz on aviation. I was to find out what the actual meaning of those aviation slangs he had given me over the course of 2 weeks. Again, I decided to push my luck further by asking if I would get a prize for doing the quiz. Then finally, I asked if I would get another prize if I got all the meanings of those words correct.

So, he is finally back in town and I got these:
1) Aussie's Honey Roasted Maccademia Nuts (juz coz I am his friend... hehe)
2) Previously delivered Book on Aviation or WWII (for doing the quiz)
3) Aussie Nougat (coz I insisted I got all terms correct otherwise Google should be sued! He sorta insists I am getting them coz he is always kind to dumb animals. hehe)

The Nougat I am used to eating comes individually wrapped and in a large bag of about 25 pieces. This friend has never seen nor eaten Nougat and so when he saw those individually wrapped ones, decided it was too cheap a gift and hence bought me these:

I have never seen a block of Nougat and much less the different kinds of flavours they come in. I love the name of the honey used in these two blocks:

Truth be told, I could never taste the difference in honey no matter where they come from. To me, honey tasted like honey and there was no differentiation. After tasting the Leatherwood Honey used in this block of Nougat, I am now a reborn Honey believer. The name of the honey may have nothing to do with wood but the intensity of the honey as well as the earthy taste and smell is something I have never tasted.

I have yet to try the Ironbark Honey... but I can't wait. Oh! Before I forget, this is how it looks like after you chop em into bite-sized chunks:

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