Monday, April 17, 2006

Rachel's Fuwa Fuwa Soy Milk Cakey

I promised myself when I decided to do up a flog to record my little hits, mishaps and misses, that I would get a proper oven thermometer and have my oven temperature properly assessed.

Well I was so enticed by
Rachel's Fuwa Fuwa Soy Milk Cakey that erm... I decided to go ahead and try it anyways.

I followed the receipe to a T, right down to the dish towels pseudo water bath. The only two things wrong was that

1) I didn't ascertain if my oven gauge is at the exact temperature required

2) I didn't run out to get a baking tin 12cm in diameter (used a 16cm one instead)

I should be too ashamed to show pics of this particular flop, but well... that's the beauty of the internet. No one really knows who I am so here it is:

As you can see, the poor thing didn't even rise above 2cm. The bottom of the cake was still semi-wet and felt more steamed moist then moist cakey. Obviously with such a bad combination, I was unable to taste the lightness of the cake as Rachel had indicated.

I did this 4 times (since I had a 250gm slab of cream cheese). Results:
Cakey 1) Too sweet, too soggy
Cakey 2) Still Soggy
Cakey 3) Baked without water bath or wet dish towels, same results
Cakey 4) Added Matcha but I guess 3/4 tsp was too little to taste

Sorry Rachel, I will endeavour to do your receipe proud again some day, but right now, it is just my "Fuwa Fuwa Fwah! Fail" cake.

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