Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Current Country of Crave: Japan

My current country of craving?
Japan! Actually it all started when I got introduced into the world of Anime. Don't get me wrong, I used to be like you sniggering at the "loser" adults who spend most of their time watching animes and proclaiming it to be their first love. In fact, I couldn't even understand what animes were all about.... they are cartoons aren't they?

However, after a particularly stressful phase in life, I decided to bore my brains into pure and unadulterated boredom by watching Anime. I am a closet Anime fan.

Along with Japanese Anime, I got intrigued by the world of Japanese food, culture and language. Hence, I was shopping in a Japanese Supermarket one day, sussing ingredients for Mochi and a Cheesecake, when I came across this little purse lookalike with a little tingly bell attached.

I coerced my best buddy who was trudging along grudgingly, to get this for me as her relocation present to me. The irony is that she's the one relocating to join her husband in Kazakhstan in another couple of months.

I decided that as my very first flog, I am going to post this cute little purse as a commitment to my current Japanese crave and as a tribute of the going away buddy.

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